California Institute of Nanotechnology


One of the primary goal of the California Institute of Nanotechnology (CINANO) is conduct research and development in the frontier of nanotechnology with its wide spectrum of applications in the biomedical, semiconductor and alternative energy (bio-fuel and solar system products)

Research Projects

Our scientists are currently working with partners in the industry and academia focusing a number of research projects, such as:

  • Nano Energy Storage System: Conducting advanced R&D in nanomaterials for energy storage applications
  • Nano Lithium Air Battery Systems: Conducting research in the areas of Lithium Air NanoBattery which will be used in advanced electric vehicle technology
  • Nano Solar Paints: Conducting research in nanomaterials for new Solar Liquid Paints which can convert solar energy to electricity
  • Bio-Sensors: development of a bio-nano-sensor system for detecting of toxin and toxic nanoparticles in food and biological products.
  • Targeted Nanoscale Drug Delivery Sustem: development of a novel Nano Drug Delivery System to carry potent anti-cancer anti-biotic to certain targeted cancerous areas to optimize therapeutic treatment while minimizing the toxic effect of chemotherapy.
  • Fuel Cells: Further development electro-catalysis replacement of Platinum based electrodes to improve yields and cost of large scale production. The fuel cell can be potentially developed into a nanoscale solar system which is a rugged, reliable, thin film at affordable cost for large scale production.

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